Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Allan Family Year-End Update 2015

As 2015 comes to close, Seasonal Greetings, Merry Christmas, etc. to one and all! We hope this finds everyone happy and prosperous. Another busy, busy year has come and gone for the Allan family here in Lakewood. Highlights follow…

The general scheme of things for Chris and Rita is to move to Northern California next year, to our property in Pine Grove, located in Amador County. To date the barn is now finished; our tiny cabin is almost finished out on the inside, and the shed which will, in the short term, serve as our kitchen is up and ready for build outs. A great deal needs to happen before we can occupy the land, including running permitted underground electrical and water, and get our current house ready for the market.  Target date for the move remains June 30th of next year.

Rita continues to telecommute upstairs for Caltrans. She technically works out of Sacramento so she will be that much closer after the move. Her Girl Scout troop will disband next year, now that Anne and Emily and many other girls in the troop have earned their Gold Awards.  A new skill was learned this year, laying out and mortaring cinder block retaining walls around the upslope sides of the barn. Her projects abound, and she is seldom bored. If she ever is, there is always her trusty Kindle Reader. The next big item for her will be to take the house plans for Pine Grove and redesign the layout to suit her taste.

The life of Chris involves a lot of going back and forth; to drop off Emily at school, to the garage to work on O scale railroad models, and shopping for new and exciting food items that meet the criteria of the new diet Rita and he are on. So far weight has been lost, but not enough as yet. Chris is anxious to get up north and leave Los Angeles County behind. He will work as the advance party to get things ready so that when Rita finally shows up she can get right back to work. The O Scale model railroad is already designed. He will start building upstairs in the barn as soon as they move into the new house. Until then there are no shortage of tasks for Chris.

Anne is working through her sophomore year at San Jose State in the animation program. Her portfolio was reviewed and accepted so she is good to go for another year!  Not much time for her to do much but go to class, do homework, and if she’s lucky, sleep. She is happy when it’s time to come home for a break. Her artwork has come along nicely, and Chris and Rita are wondering where she got that talent from? The summer job was as a counselor at the Long Beach Girl Scout camp. She enjoyed it, most of the time. Anne also got to go to see her favorite people again at an internet convention in Austin, Texas at the end of the summer.

Emily is finally in her senior year at Whitney High in Cerritos.  As predicted, she is practically running the place. As president of the Drama Club, Team Captain, and a few others, as well as being on the Cross-county and Track & Field teams, she spends most all of the daylight hours at school.  She sang and danced in the schools delightful production of “Mary Poppins” just prior to Thanksgiving, and will be in two additional shows before she graduates. Over the summer she earned her Gold Award by building an 8 foot by 16 foot storage shed on school grounds, to be used for prop and costume storage. Mom and Dad, as well as the rest of the drama kids helped a little. Emily is not quite sure which college she will be attending next year, but Fullerton State in Orange County is a front-runner.

Sadly we lost our beloved dog Missy this year. She was a loyal member of our family and she will always be remembered. After a suitable period of time we will get another dog, but likely not until we are settled up north.

That’s about it for us, again we hope your year was a good one, and if it wasn’t, well, at least it’s almost over now- so hang in there! (FYI- We will send out our new address after we get a PO Box next year.)

All the best,

Chris    Rita     Anne    Emily 

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